Use great page layout design to improve your customers' experience.

We think graphic design is a form of communication worth investing in. The message your customers take away from what they see comes down to how carefully and strategically you present your information to them. With simple but clever page design you can be lodged in your customers’ minds just the way you want to be.

Capability Statements

If you want to score the big jobs your need to present like a professional. A well designed Capability Statement will highlight your capabilities and skills in a professional layout that stands out from your competition. Capability Statements can be tailored specifically to your target audience: the government buyer or contractor.

Magazine Design

Successful magazine design is not only about being able to carry a theme though multiple pages whilst still making each page fresh and different, but about good planning and processes. With extensive experience in magazine layouts and deadlines, we are able to set up magazine design projects that run smoothly from beginning to completion.

Product Catalogues

Don’t underestimate the impression you make on potential customers in the way you present your product range. A product catalogue should both showcase your products and present you as reputable company to work with. Online or in print, a product catalogue is more than just a series of pictures and descriptions; it is a visual representation of what your brand is all about.


Here at Kylie Findlay we are seasoned creators of school yearbooks. With time and experience we have created systems that ensure an organised interaction between designer and editor. We not only design a smart looking yearbook, we also set a in place a layout and content tracking plan, and file sharing from the beginning to ensure the process runs smoothly.


eBooks can be created as a profitable product for your business or as a lead generation giveaway but however you want to use them in your business, they will need to be accessible, readable and preferably useful to your audience. We can help you with setting up eBook files in formats suitable for uploading to eReader for Kindle, set up links for people to view your book online or download to their own computer. 

Look Books

We are suckers for a bit of fashion here, so we do love working on a beautiful Look Book from time to time. We can style it up in a way that works with your branding but lets your product photos shine, and we can prepare your files for print as well as for online viewing with Issuu, your website or email marketing.

And more

Thinking of something else or want to brainstorm some design ideas?  We can work on any kind of page design for you including but not limited to advertising flyers, restaurant menus, training manuals, company reports, company cards, banners and signage, packaging, look books and tender applications.  We can even help with arranging printing or work in collaboration with your printer.  We have been doing this a while, so we have lots of ideas and a great knowledge of what is possible.

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