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One day dedicated to improving, setting up and streamlining your in-house business graphics and presentation design.

We have heard many business owners talk about how much time they and their staff are spending setting up marketing material and graphics within their office and getting an overall result that doesn’t look particularly professional.

Would you like to improve the look of the files you create in-house but are not sure how to go about it, or what you need to improve?

I might be able to help.

In one day, I can help your business go from….

Taking a day with me to work on your business graphics and branding implementation gives you the knowledge and identifies the tools that will enable you to create better visual assets for your business.

Think about the time that is spent on in-house file setup. Think about the quality of the design.

One day sacrificed leads to many days saved. 

What we can cover on the day?

The day is completely catered to you, your staff and your business.

There is a limit to what can be covered in the time we have so we begin by looking at all that you do and then deciding on what we will cover by identifying what aspect of your visual presence you most need help with and what will make the biggest impact on your business.

We schedule in 7.5 hours, including a 30min break.  Generally, this will be 9am-4:30pm.


  • Teaching some simple design principles/rules that you can use in-house to ensure your graphics are looking professional
  • Teaching you about what makes a graphic/design look professional
  • Teaching about how to communicate effectively with your graphics
  • Understanding visual branding and how you can elevate your business by creating it and using it correctly
  • Learning useful design tools such as Canva
  • Receive recommendations on specific apps and websites that will be useful for your specific business branding and marketing needs
  • Confirmation and education around brand/logo colours and files types, including supplying you with correct colour codes and file types and how to use them

  • Creation of icons and brand asset files for you to use in Word, PP, Canva etc
  • Establish clarity around your visual branding
  • Recommendations about choosing images for your business marketing
  • Creation of branded templates for you to use in your business – social media, website banners, Facebook banners, advertisments, Powerpoint/Keynote presentations etc
  • Help with planning out social media posts and graphics
  • Tips on the best ways to work with a designer when you need to – how to brief a job, how to supply files, how to specify changes
  • Learning how to be strategic and organised with your business graphics.


The day will be followed up with a written summary of what we covered on the day and a list of suggested/recommended priorities for you going forward.

What it really gives you…

Better quality and more effective diy graphics

Learn to create better quality graphics for your business that will help your business look more professional, attract the attention of the right customers and effectively communicate your messages.

Savings in you and your staff’s time 

By developing pre-set templates and files that are ready to go and easy to work on you will save you and your staff time.

Saving money in your business

Not only are you saving money in the time your staff might be spending on these tasks, you can also save money on outsourcing some things to a designer, AND on the customers you miss out on when you have unprofessional or ineffective graphics representing your business brand.

What we don’t include on the day;

 We don’t do visual branding packages, logo design or product design during this day.

This day is not about me doing things for you. This day is about me helping you to learn how to do things for yourself – helping you create templates and sharing tips and tools with you that will allow you and your staff to create in-house files and graphics more efficiently and effectively than you are now. 

We start from where you are at and we customise the day to your needs to enable you to shift up a level from where you currently sit as well as set in place a longer-term plan for further improvements. We focus on the few things that will give you the most improvement to your current visual presence and work out tools and methods that will work for you.


This day is currently being offered to 5 businesses at my Pilot Pricing of $1210 including gst.


I am looking for businesses that ideally have the following;

1. Three to five staff who are currently or will be in future tasked with creating any visual assets for the business – they could be setting up social media posts, creating company ebooks, updating website graphics, setting up Powerpoint presentations.

2. A logo and some branding colours and guides developed already but would benefit from learning how they can be used and applied in and on in-house projects.

3. Have various graphic or page design tasks they prefer to complete in-house due to cost and/or convenience.


If you fit these criteria and would like to take advantage of my Pilot Pricing, then please apply.


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